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Importance of Black Beads in Mangalsutra

Most people spend a fortune on their dream wedding but the real deal is to have a quality marriage. The wedding is a week-long affair but a marriage lasts a lifetime. Just like marriages are much more meaningful, the black beads in a mangalsutra hold a deep significance. For most people, the black beads have become a fashion statement. It is important to understand the power of the black beads. The mangalsutra holds immense power and it is tied around…
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    I wish I would have found your store sooner. I felt comfortable speaking with your store staff and they seemed genuine and concerned with my requests. They provided suggestions and explanations that made sense. I have already purchased my daughters graduation gift and will be back to get my wife her birthday gift. Thanks!Sincerely,

    Chetan from Bhuj

    “The pieces are exactly as they appear on the website, contemporary with a nod to classic design and the quality is of a high standard … Love it!”

    Vinita From Delhi

    “Your customer service is fantastic and your jewellery is beautiful. I’m looking forward to my next Simone Walsh purchase.”

    Ajay From Udaipur

    Hi,I received a beautiful diamond ring from my uncle and aunt as a birthday gift from your jewelry store. I have been flashing it to all my friends. Thanks!

    Navin From Mumbai

    Excellent coordination with the customer. Good and valuable response to the customers needs.Very good input of designs. Very easy easy to work with amiable Mr.Viniyesh who was magnanimous enough to accommodate the various modifications.Very happy with the quality and output of the Jewellers

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