Importance of Black Beads in Mangalsutra

Importance of Black Beads in Mangalsutra

Most people spend a fortune on their dream wedding but the real deal is to have a quality marriage. The wedding is a week-long affair but a marriage lasts a lifetime. Just like marriages are much more meaningful, the black beads in a mangalsutra hold a deep significance. For most people, the black beads have become a fashion statement. It is important to understand the power of the black beads.

The mangalsutra holds immense power and it is tied around the neck of the newly-wed bride. According to Hindus, it is not just a piece of jewellery. Mangalsutra is an accessory which solemnizes the marriage.

Nobody pays heed to the two black and strings in a mangalsutra. Well, only a woman would know the power of a mangalsutra. It has a lot of importance in Hindu culture. Here is a quick post for you to understand the benefits of a mangalsutra in scientific and mythological aspects.

The Scientific Benefits of Black Beads in a Mangalsutra

A mangalsutra is made of pure gold. As per Ayurveda, the pure gold used in the jewellery has several health benefits. If you have noticed the centre of the mangalsutra, you would find around ornament. The round shape attracts cosmic waves. This helps in the proper functioning of the human heart. It is believed that the cosmic waves help in maintaining a blissful and healthy relationship between a man and his wife.

The gold wire in the mangalsutra destroys the evil energies. However, the black beads are meant for absorbing the negative vibrations. In Indian society, you would find your elders telling you about the evil eye. Negative energies and vibrations are toxic in a marriage. The black beads absorb these negative vibrations before it reaches the bride.

Since the black beads form a string, there is an important significance for that as well. Just like the black beads form a string, the new bride blends into the family and becomes a part of it.

The Mythological Aspect

As per Hindus, a mangalsutra is not just a jewellery item that you wear on special occasions. It is a symbol of love and a fulfilling marriage. If you get a chance to witness a Hindu wedding, you would notice that mangalsutra is the most important aspect of a Hindu marriage ceremony.

The two black bead strings in a mangalsutra symbolize Shakti and Shiva. It is considered auspicious for a married woman. It is believed that the mangalsutra has divine powers. Tradition says that it protects the marriage of a couple and gives immense power to a lady. A married woman wears it till her husband’s death. It reminds the woman of her duties in a marriage and her commitment towards her spouse.

The nine black beads in the mangalsutra basically represent the nine forms of Adishakti. Adishakti literally means Primal Energy. This helps to protect a woman from the evil eye. The black beads contain the power of Water and Earth elements whereas the gold beads contain Air and Fire elements which wards off the evil energies.

By combining the four elements, the mangalsutra is formed and it helps to protect a man and woman’s relationship.
The Arrangement of Black Beads in a Mangalsutra

A traditional mangalsutra is made by stringing of nine black beads with nine gold beads. There are basically seven parts of the nine black beads in the two strands of a mangalsutra. Four round-shaped gold beads are arranged in a square to form a central link. This helps to protect the woman from the constant attacks by the negative energies.

A traditional mangalsutra has two parallel threads which gold and black beads which end up forming a pendant. Traditionally, it comprises of gold cups. It could be one or two gold cups.

Times have changed and there are new and improved designs in the market. Most women opt for a contemporary mangalsutra which they can wear in the office or a function.

If you are looking for beautiful mangalsutras at an unbeatable cost, you must check out the collection at Velvet Case. You will find traditional as well as contemporary mangalsutras. In case you are getting married, you must invest in a beautiful mangalsutra which holds deep significance. A married woman must never stop wearing a mangalsutra because it will protect her from the evil energies and insecure eyes.

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